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Date: Thu, 11 Sep 2008 13:02:07 +0200 (CEST)

>> Many canon sources indicate that bronze can be mined or made
>> by alloying copper and tin.
>> Is the alloying a magical operation (a renactment of the mating of >> Earth and SKy) ?
> I don't think that there *needs* to be magic to alloy metals, though it
> helps! I think the chemical processes of alloying will work just finre in
> Glorantha as they do in the real world. BUT, no-one does it that way.> Magic will be used to help the process along (what magic and how> applied will vary by culture and magical system, of course. On the> other hand, I could be wrong...
> You can also mine for "pure bronze" of course.
> The Animists probably say that the "bones of the gods" are just> "bones of the giants" or similar - however they view Gods (and there> are some metals that are bones of spirits, of course).

Prax and the Desolation being a land of animist origin, it explain their lack of metal. What is known about the presence of metal in Pamaltela ?  
> The Monotheists probably agree that they are the bones of pagan> gods, which just proves that the gods are inferior to The One God> and his saints.

Wouldn't that imply a lesser aboundance of ore in the West as it is the former Land of Logic ?


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