Which Prophet?

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To Jamie:

Some discussion raised currently in Japanese Funs, about Malkionism Prophets.

When I read about the delay of publishing "Heroes of Malkion" for dealing with the change
caused by HQ 2.0, we realised one more oppotunity postponed to confirm the Malkioni
theological change in Glorantha Timeline.

See below about Greg's post in 2007/1 WorldOfGlorantha ML about Fronelan Irensavalism.

<<Thus I discover that Loskalmi Irensavalism rejects the Abiding Book, that there was a
Fimbulwinter in Dragon Pass and any other number of changes come about.>>

Three Questions raised:
1.Did 2nd Age God Learners acknowledge Hrestol as their prophet?
(There is no mention in Abiding Book about Hrestol and Joy.)
MRQ setting said YES. But I said Greg's current idea MIGHT NOT BE.

What the fact confuses us is that 2nd Age Kionvara Movement
(Return to Righteous Movement) chose "Crusade" ritual to fight back Stygian

Its Jrusteli supporters are fundamentalists of Abiding Book. Might some religious fanatics have considered blasphemy using "that is not on the Book"?

(The article mentioned about Crusade Ritual is found at old TofRM #13 p.7
more recently, in Arcane Lore p.61. First Crusaders are direct followers of Prince Hrestol.)

2.Rokari tried to return the older, "more ideal" state of Malkionism before God Learners.
But what is their "ideal" historical stage before Middle Sea Empire? What most confuses us is that they don't acknowledge Hrestol as a prophet.

Possibilities are:

  1. Time of Malkion before he exiled to Malkionwal?
  2. Time of Malkion after he exiled to Malkionwal and died in 5th Action?
  3. Time of Hrestol's activity?
  4. Time of Return to Righteous Crusade(kionvara) just after Abiding Book written?

3.What type of groups venerate Hrestol as a Prophet in 17C Glorantha aside from Loskalmi?            

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