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Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2008 19:37:56 +0900

I understand all, thank you, Jamie and Peter. Please give me your permission to translate your answers into Japanese.

>> Your explanation sounds me true. IIRC, Ferbrith is
>>the God of 1st
>> Action in MSE p.4, God of 2nd Action is Kiona.
>>But I suppose there
>> is difference between "Middle Sea Empire"
>>and "Revealed Mythologies"
>> IIRC.
>Sorry, I meant that Ferbrith is the God who *performed* the
>Second Action, which means He would have first appeared
>during the First
>Action Era. Thus, Makan is the God of the First Action.

Now I don't have RM and MSE at hand, so I can't check the references. But your statement sounds right. Ferbrith is a result of 1st Action. not a cause.

>>Mmm, but still there is difficulty, for the duke of Rindland used
>>ritual of Hrestol against his enemies at Asgolan.

>The original ToTRM article has Hrestol has rediscovering
>Crusade from the Land
>of Logic ("Crusaders are Carriers of the Cross,
>an ancient symbol inherited
>from the mythical Kingdom of Logic, which existed
before the gods destroyed
>the old world"). Thus a Rokari could use
>the Crusade while rejecting Hrestol
>and all his sinful works (that Hrestol rediscovered the
>Crusade would be an
>embaressment to Rokari scholars and
>a source of temptation to Rokari

Good opinion.
The "Crusade" article of tales #13 is important for Japanese funs, because it was translated into Japanese in the semi-official fanzine of the company of Japanese version RQ 3rd Edition.


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