Re: Questions about wyters

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_jn-cr8LRyxZTk4FOO-gCLDXn0ghnwvu5V2XmRdasFerpyb610EJo_rg6joMN-CWCsi>
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2008 17:34:51 -0000

> So it's not a casual thing. I think it requires the right sacred place,
> people other than the actual members (officiating priest,
supporters), lots
> of stuff (to set up the sacred space properly, to pay off a god
talker and
> supporters, to sacrifice to the wyter and other protecting and helping
> powers), time a several-day ceremony)
> > and join themselves to the magical bargain.
> Bargain, eh? :-D
> Everything has unexpected consequences.

I would think that last point is important too--it is change, which is always dangerous.

First there is the process of change:
- You have to break links with your old guardian, leaving you vulnerable until you have the new one in place, and that process can be kind of unpredictable. In a magical world this must seem awfully risky!
- You have to invest a lot in getting a new guardian, in terms of time, commitment, and probably sacrifices. When most spend part of the year feeling the pinch of hunger, that is also a big deal. - You have to come to a lot of agreements between people in the clan, about who does what, contributes what, and so on. This could easily spark back into life all sorts of simmering discontent. - And of course, the process to get the new wyter can always fail.....leaving you more exposed, requiring further investment, and so on.

Then there is the fact that you don't know what the new wyter will be like, exactly. It isn't like ordering a new dishwasher from the Sears catalog, at least I wouldn't think so. Even if you have a clue of who/what you are going after, you won't know the details until you do the deed. You might know that this Daimone is good at warding off disease and sniffing out treachery, but you won't what it is like to live with that precise wyter.

All just IMO. But I think that would be good reason not to change wyters except when it is really vital.            

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