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I don't know.

> My imagery to Saintly Formularies are a sort of a colorful picture
> depicting each of lives of Saints. For many formularies are titled
'The Life
> of Saint []'.

Actually, no. That's scriptures.

> Peter:
> >The Abiding Book teaches people how to venerate Malkion. It is
> >silent on the issue of whether the veneration of other saints is
> >permissable or not.
> I agree with Peter, but Jamie (and Malion of Japan) hold counterweights.

Not at all; I'm in agreement with Peter. The Abiding Book does not condemn the practice, and the pre-Rokari version might be more easily interpreted as favouring such a thing, but it doesn't specifically say 'venerating saints is good', or Theoblanc wouldn't act the way he does.

> Adjective 'Sharp' was also used in God Learner Version of Abiding
Book. It
> might be a random, or intentional coincidence. IIRC, in MSE the god
> 'Malkioneran the Devil' was the God of 'Sharp' Abiding Book.
> (Isn't this opinion supported by Rokari?)

The Loskalmi regard Malkioneran as the devil, not the Rokari.

> Is it possible someone still living in Mundane World can be as a
> Saint?

They're unlikely to be recognised as such by the Church, but in the sense that Jar-Eel is a demigoddess, I don't see why not.

> But I found many saints are martyred.....

Quite a few of them, yes. Dying does wonders for your ability to attain the Great Secret of Malkionism :)

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