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"Terra Incognita":

> For in Catholicism, "Worship" and "Veneration" are a
> sort of opposite semantics, Former can be used as "Worship God"
> while latter can be used as "Venerate Saints".
> But they never "worship Saints". (We can't understand the difference
> of the two.)

The difference (in Christianity) is that 'worship' refers to homage and prayer directed to a being for its own sake. 'Veneration' (again, in the Christian sense) refers to prayer directed to a being because of its relationship to a more powerful and worthy being (i.e. God). Veneration, therefore, is indirect worship of God through the intercession of a saint.

The saint's power comes through his relationship with God, not through anything inherent in his own nature. You pray to the saint, the saint 'asks' God for some of His power, and the magic is channelled from God, through the Saint, down to the subject of the prayer. The Malkioni would broadly understand this distinction, even if they might use different words to describe it. Furthermore, while there is nothing to stop a Christian praying directly to God, Malkioni generally cannot contact the Invisible God directly, and use the saints and prophets as their means of intercession with the divine. (There are, of course, exceptions, as there always are).

> But in HQ game mechanics, "Venerate" term generally used for the
ability for
> liturgists
> transfering energy to Higher Entities in Wizardry Society, while
> is general,
> common term among (poly-)Theism, Animism and Wizardry.


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