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From: Terra Incognita <inarsus-ferilt_at_tMIedQEo-25ZUQufrb_cAEoqrxbax9hVQmP__hBCZeS9Nfpj_wELlSztUCGXA>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 00:08:10 +0900

> I realise my ignorance to HeroQuest
> definition of "Veneration".

>Veneration is a form of worship that does not involve the sacrifice
>of material goods (like the worship of the theists) nor the ecstatic
>rituals (like the worship of the animists). I think of it like
>Christian worship - normally through a congregation lead by a
>liturgist (or orderly or wizard) - or through an individuals
>prayers - I realise this may not be as helpful to people bought up
>in other cultures/religions!

For a matter of note, V.S (another Japanese Gloranthaphile) taught me that  the meaning of "Veneration" in HQ mechanic and Christianity is similar but not same thing. For in Catholicism, "Worship" and "Veneration" are a sort of opposite semantics,
Former can be used as "Worship God" while latter can be used as "Venerate Saints".

But they never "worship Saints". (We can't understand the difference of the two.)

But in HQ game mechanics, "Venerate" term generally used for the ability for liturgists
transfering energy to Higher Entities in Wizardry Society, while "Worship" is general,
common term among (poly-)Theism, Animism and Wizardry.

"Hrm, then what?" I asked to him.:-)            

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