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From: Peter Metcalfe <metcalph_at_hJJx6WntCIvwP44swEKlG7-2kzeBbUGpUPOrfULvcF8dSxqO_AOu9xJjhtC0LHe8zwJ>
Date: Tue, 30 Sep 2008 22:38:37 +1300

At 01:56 p.m. 30/09/2008, you wrote:

> >I don't think however [the Malkioni] had written scriptures and
> >formularies back then for these would have come about in emulation of
> >the miraculous example of the Abiding Book during the Imperial Age.

>My memory is that the Abiding Book actually happened to include
>portions of earlier religious works. It wasn't the first-ever magic
>book. Sacrilegious people might even see it as a compilation (with
>substantial new material).

My position is that these earlier religious works were written down in emulation of the Abiding Book and later misunderstood to have existed in written form long before the Abiding Book first existed. But before that time, the Malkioni were unable to obtain any religious insight or magic from the written word - if somebody wrote it down, it would be little more than uninspiring words on a page and to teach the truth of God to men, they had to use other methods.

>It wasn't the first-ever magic book.

That was the Blue Book of Zzabur, a sorcerous work. Unlike the Malkioni, the sorcerers had no obstacles in understanding the secrets of the cosmos through the written word. Until the appearance of the Abiding Book, their written magics had made them and their creed indispensable to the Malkioni. Afterwards they were replaced by the Church trained writers.

>In rules terms, [scriptures, grimoires and formularies] are all magic
>books -- books that can give you magic. I'm sure any learned
>Malkioni could give you several important Gloranthan differences.

I think it best if the definitions vary among the Malkioni..            

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