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YGWV On Thu, Oct 2, 2008 at 10:21 AM, Terra Incognita <> wrote:

> Thank you very much, Greg.
> You kindly answered, most of my questions were resolved.
> All quotations below without name are from Greg,
> > Ironically, however, is that there IS a "demonized zone" of the Essence
> > Planes. If group A succesfully demonizes Group B then Gp B can access
> > those
> > demonic powers. And, inevitably, someone does...
> It means that Theoblanc doesn't have power to demonize all of "evil"
> saints,
> yet.

Well, actually he does have the power, but not the strength to deal with what he might create.
And remember, the powers that were demonized would not necessarily USE the power they got by being demonized! In fact, most of them would probably protest their innocence because they don't really believe in using those powers! Just because the bishop calls te Sect of the Good Brother demonic, and "proves" it to his own followers (and himself), the Good Brother wouldn't use the evil powers.

> A Prophet is a person who establishes initial, new, original contact with
> > the Essence World that is sufficient to establish widespread interchanges
> > of
> > energy between worlds. In modern parlance they are the originators of a
> > cultural paradigm shift.
> Other prophets might be Serozos [Imperial Age Kionvara] and Eliavar [Ship
> of
> Life Church].

They might.

> But Saints and Superadepts are really the same thing, functionally (not
> > socially, not personally, etc.)
> In HQ rule book, Saints are in Saint Plane(I suppose it was created by 2nd
> Action),
> while wizards got magic from Adept Plane(created by 3rd Action).

Ah yes, of course.
 so, my real point is that these are nam and title differences, ut they are all operatin within the same Essence Planes system.

> Perhaps, "superadepts" are in Saint Plane, too.

Yes, they would be.

> There is a huge tradition that Western magic requires written stuff to
> > read,
> > but that is not so. It is not about reading words, but about changing
> > one's
> > consciousness with the help of visual symbols.
> I see. Books are required, but not indispensable.

Yes. It is important to keep in mind that the Gloranthans don't think the same as we do, and they don't have the same perspective by any means whatsoever. To the Rokari, the books ARE *considered to be* indispensible. Thus they are (for them).

> > Low.
> [Snipping good explanation about literacy rate of population]
> > and also a segment of the merchants knowing enough to keep tallies
> > and make contracts.
> Hmm, it might not be Issaries' (Ugh, St Ashara's) tally.

I think it is a "purified" version of the Issaries tally, yes. I think the saint purified it, and they are now thought to have originated it, and issaries stole and corrupted it for his own ends. And I also think thee is an older one, based on the original language peoples' writing. but that has been superceded now.

> For in Storm Tribe p.113, Issaries Tally is his cult secret.
> I suppose Saint Castelain spread it among Trader Princes.

I'd have to study things to see who might hav done that. I am sure someone else will have a good theory.

> As far as I researched, English vocabulary "tally" has not special meaning.

Taly means simply to "add up," or "keep track of humbers."

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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