Re: Re2: Written Magic?

From: Osentalka <Osentalka_at_RSVmqJmekvYsFWnkNmyMZLzjVuFhbgr4DljcgP8JsQu3RGH6pxhqTsBhRJLFqYioPH>
Date: Thu, 2 Oct 2008 23:26:13 +0200


>> It means that Theoblanc doesn't have power to demonize all of "evil"
>> saints, yet.

>Well, actually he does have the power, but not the strength to deal with
>what he might create.
>And remember, the powers that were demonized would not necessarily USE the
>power they got by being demonized! In fact, most of them would probably
>protest their innocence because they don't really believe in using those
>powers! Just because the bishop calls te Sect of the Good Brother demonic,
>and "proves" it to his own followers (and himself), the Good Brother
>wouldn't use the evil powers.

I think that exactly THAT is what Boristi come from. There are the good guy Boristi, and there are the chaotic guy Boristi (from which the entire Boristi get their bad reputation from).



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