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From: Newt Newport <mrnewt_at_RgFMehfYNMpQ-uz8uTGWY4QdZ36XbfHQ0Kib8G_vS8V-hSYRmjKk2u0ufBnpr54ekxV2D>
Date: Sun, 5 Oct 2008 12:39:59 +0100


Just to let you know the Hearts in Glorantha fanzine now also has a blog.


Here you can find updates and previews with what is going on with the fanzine as well as related posts about conventions and games.

Recent posts include:
Update on HiG 2, including a sneak peak of some of the artwork and contents. Details of the Gloranthan Track of games at Furnace 2008 The start of a series of posts to critically review of the playtest version of HeroQuest 2, which will include an actual play reports.

As well as going to the blog directly you can subscribe to have updates sent to you via email. Just visit the blog and click on the subscription links on the top left hand side.

Toddle pip!



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