Re: Runic Symbolism in Gloranthan Art and Culture.

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I use that "philosophy" in most of the conversion I do on my miniatures : When I make a vingan, I give her a square shield (see :   ), I think it s also part of the art, as in the tents of my storm bullies ( see : %205.jpg ). and I agree with most of your post. On crown, it can also be a succession of prongs made of 3 prongs (kind of a lyss symbol crown... in Ralios). On the heortling warriors shields, I would say that most would use round shields, but some very "defensive" subcult and or tribe/ villages. This being said, and to stay in the runnic logic, it s certain that the women give theyr men the protection of the earth by weaving all those tartans which are basically made of squares !

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Le 5 oct. 08 à 13:24, continuum2008 a écrit :

> So I was just considering how the runes, especially their shapes and
> forms, influence
> everyday items that Gloranthans use. Not just their sacred or cult
> relics but common tools,
> weapons, armour, implements, or clothes.
> I am not talking about the crinkle-cut runes painted on but more the
> shape or form of the
> rune used in the design and function of the object in question. One
> example is the use of
> the Mastery Rune in the design of a crown. The crown will have three
> prongs denoting the
> Mastery Rune as the crown is the symbol of mastery of the wearer
> over their subjects.
> Though each crown will be made and constructed differently, a
> Heortling Tribal King's
> crown would look very different from a Dara Happan Emperor's crown,
> it would have the
> common feature of three prongs just like a Mastery Rune. Of course
> crowns would also
> differ as other runes may be used in their construction but the key
> thing is that they would
> three prongs and not four or five as that is the number of prongs on
> the Mastery Rune.
> I am guessing that Ernaldans would use many implements that are
> square or cubes as the
> sacred Earth Rune is square. So their jewellery, head scarfs, hats,
> cloaks, and clothing
> would be square and not round or circular in shape as circles are
> more associated with
> Sun, Storm or Mobility Runes. Orlanthi men would have clothing and
> armour based on
> circles and round shapes as their key rune is circular in shape.
> A Humakti would use a sword with hand guards as that would make the
> sword look more
> like a cross. Lunars use scimitars that look like a crescent moon.
> Yelmalions use large
> round shields that look like the round Sun.
> Would a Heortling warrior use a square shield calling on the
> protection of the Earth or a
> round shield for the powers of Storm or Mobility? Would it be down
> to personal preference
> or more of a clan's traditional choice?
> Darran

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