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>How commonplace is Heroquesting? I remember hearing that Harrek the
>Hsunchen "Heroquest'ed" while he slept?

I think he was wide awake, He was a White Bear Warrior, one of the Rathori that remain awake during the winter to protect the sleeping rathori. But during the Syndic's Ban, all the normal rathori slept through it which means that all the White Bear Warriors were wide awake for a hundred years, slowly going insane under a magic curse. Harrek is tough because he has fought and killed numerous enemies as well as other white bear warriors. For him, the Ban ended when he killed of the last if his colleagues. No wonder he killed and skinned his own patron.

>Further, that you can 'Heroquest' to
>go somewhere..Ralios to Fronela.if memory serves?

Sir Ethilrist. There's also the Westfaring quest from Dragon Pass to Luathela with various stopping points in Ralios.

> Can Dipsomanix the Cupthane, a one legged, Colymari Hermit/Shaman
>"Heroquest" 100 miles to the Greydog Inn each night, by popping some
>Hazia onto the fire - hooking into the myth of the creation of the Inn (or its
>brew) and so just turn up on a stool by the bar?

It's not something that's easily done is my reaction. It's something that could be done but not something that could be done every night.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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