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> > I don't think it changes the reality for the demonized individual.
> > It would not change their belief, or make them evil or anything. It
> > would give them access to an array of demonic powers, and it would
> > also make them vulnerable to the anti-demon powers of the condemning
> > body. But their inner life, heir spiritual power, their beliefs,
> > would not change from this demonization. They might change
> > afterwards if they actually used the demonic powers, of course.
> Thanks, I think I got it now.

Whew. Thanks. Now you tell everyone else. :-)

Interestingly it's the power of the condemning society that gives the
> demonised entity the demonic power, and also the vulnerability to
> anti-demonic things. The community is basically branding them with
> high magic.

Yes, or to put it another way: cursing them.

> So... how hard is it to break this? How does a demonised sect get rid
> of this? Also, are they only demonised for the religion or culture
> that did this, or would they be vulnerable to anti-demonic powers
> from an entirely different source too?

Ha ha, the same answer to all abstractions: it depends on the circumstances.

It's not incorrect to think of the condemned community as an entity with a curse placed on it by the Rokari church. Well, a portion of the Rokari Church that is dedicated to this kind of thing. When the Council of Bishops meets and condemns the Boristi Sect there is a different muster than when the Group of Heresy Overseers curses "all old women who live in stick nd mud huts and make cantrips designed to harm noblemen."

Also does this process have anything to do with chaos? I know chaos
> powers are pretty darn demonic to the malkionists. It's a pretty nasty
> thing if it makes the demonised cult/person/people susceptible to
> chaos corruption.

No. It has nothing to do with chaos.

Except, of couse, to be one little step on that slippery slope of "I think it's OK for me to do this."
The same slope Theoblanc rallies against, the "greased slope of chances, hopes and false dreams of success or power that slips into the infested and most base, putrid parts of our human souls. Hold to the Book." See, that proves that it leads to chaos. :-)

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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