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> Donald Oddy:
> > So there's no reason to invent the horse collar unless some of
> > the Lunar nobility have carriages drawn by ordinary

> > It looks like oxen are pretty much the standard draft animals which
> > fits with an ancient rather than renassaince world.

I believe current estimate (I've lost the web site) is that the horse collar increased the efficiency of the same group of farmers on the same land by +30% over using oxen. My vision of glorantha is ox cart.

We know that PCs will eventually whine or heroquest until they invent horse collars. :-)

I wonder how much of the length of the Oslir River and its tributaries
> has paths along the river for draft oxen pulling river craft upriver.
> It usually is either oxen or human muscle which moves river craft
> against the flow, and often from solid ground.

There is a hierarchy of status to what pulls you upriver. It can be seen in the relative distances from the shore that the steed works. so the lowest is pulled from shore, aquatic creatures (pulled by huge river turtle, tamed crocodiles, a giant loon here, a flock of enslaved ducks there, etc.) are farther out, and in the river center, are the boats propelled by river magic, or their own propulsion.
So theory goes. This kind of hierarchy is recognized for things like docking or beaching in limited space, giving right of way, etc. But in actual practice the boats all sail where they have to to get upriver.

> Here is a picture that might apply to Peloria or the Janube River as well:

Great picture. Perfect.
Although, of course, we do not want to be too socialist and note the heaps of NPCs exploited, shoved aside, killed and mutated in the cinematic side effects of the main story.
Unless we are those White Moonies.
Or we're Chalana Arroy.
Or it's my close blood kin.

Greg Stafford
Game Designer

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