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Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2008 20:54:16 -0000

> I believe that the the Orlanthi barbarians are so scientifically
> primitive, they have no conception of time other than as the
movement of
> the sun across the sky. Consequently, the start of regular movement of
> the sun across the heavens is to them the start of time. More
> sophisticated peoples, such as the Dara Happans and (especially) the
> Brithini, know this for the nonsense it is, and can give precise dates
> for events before 0 ST. Faced with the sun stopping in the sky, the
> Orlanthi would consider that as "time stopping".

Yes; I'd agree with this (or at least, that this is how the Malkioni describe things as having happened). I haven't included precise dates for pre-0 ST events in my Malkioni events, but I've described things as if "time" was already in effect back then. I suspect that their dates wouldn't match up with the Dara Happan ones if one tried to compare them (as the God Learners surely did), though. Which allows the Orlanthi to point at the strange foreigners and say this proves they just made the dates up post hoc, while allowing the Malkioni to sneer at the Dara Happans for obviously being wrong.

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