Re: Resistance of Time

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_gN42zkc-IHpl2cJZq1FXgSIZPnNtjloxXLiUASfUYx28hbD2_S6DpYEuZAXtd05WrkLk>
Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2008 21:34:55 -0000

> That event has different descriptions in different cultures.
> I believe that the the Orlanthi barbarians are so scientifically
> primitive, they have no conception of time other than as the
movement of
> the sun across the sky. Consequently, the start of regular movement of
> the sun across the heavens is to them the start of time. More
> sophisticated peoples, such as the Dara Happans and (especially) the
> Brithini, know this for the nonsense it is, and can give precise dates
> for events before 0 ST. Faced with the sun stopping in the sky, the
> Orlanthi would consider that as "time stopping".

I would not presume to say that the Orlanthi - who do have access to the writings and recollections of the Lhankor Mhy sages - are so primitive. One learned priest held that since Time is the state of the Compromise, the creation of Nysalor must have stopped Time until the gods could repair the damaged Net. The Sun's movements are governed by the Compromise, which explained (at least for him) the Sunstop.

Now the Dara Happans are on record for holding that the Sunstop occured because Yelm Overlord wished to honor and praise Emperor Khorzanelm who had tamed the world.

Sounds pretty scientific and sophisticated to me.


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