Re: Lunar element's relation to others, especially Storm

From: valkoharja <rintasaa_at_BWmUiM9_3YnwgkedKKUijx7eHfJp17mfPwFaMp6C7ahb-3vrOMa_O1ZlOrlwURRlqyd>
Date: Sat, 08 Nov 2008 17:40:46 -0000

> However, most Gloranthan philosophers recognize the Moon Rune as a
> Condition Rune, not an Elemental Rune.

Thanks Jeff, that actually makes a lot of sense. I had trouble justifying it as an elemental rune myself, as it's not nearly as universal or fundamental as the five traditional elements of Glorantha.

Still good for a crackpot theory eh?


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