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Date: Mon, 10 Nov 2008 11:15:45 -0000

But surely he doesn't approve his people turning to the worship of Chaos, isn't?

IIRC, in the podcast about "Pavis: Gateway to Glorantha", it's said Pavis was trying to bring back the Green Age (or some of the powers of the Green Age) to the world. Some people would see that as a Bad Thing, because Green Age was the Age Before Differentiation and then we couldn't tell apart Men from Women of Elf from Troll... but really, if the Plan of Pavis is completed, would everything return to some kind of "Primal Goo"? If that's the current vision of the Green Age, then I can't see how Chaos and the Green Age differ.

Not that I don't find interesting this new twist in the vision of Pavis. Pavis as a strange mystic whose plans will frighten us if revealed is surely more interesting than Pavis as a "Jesus-Christ-like" angelic figure looking for Harmony and Peace...

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