Re: Lunar element's relation to others, especially Storm

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_O3KgeiJJnnYx9S-ejlgXxxQruUNaI1uVDvHoKwn4zwRVVGAimmMU13h1Y-46yJUr8wZn>
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2008 06:28:27 -0000

>  Though what does it mean for a Rune to be a Conditon Rune anyway?
Is it a way for non-Lunars to describe the strangeness/'otherness' of Lunar magic?

A Condition Rune is simply a modifying Rune, like Mastery or Luck. It is sort of a catch-all category.

> Also, if Moon is not an elemental rune, does this mean that there
are Lunars who can be tied to an elemental rune and the Moon rune? Or if you are tied to the Moon rune, are you likely to believe that it is an elemental rune, with the result that you canot be tied to two elemental runes at the same time?

Good questions for a future Lunar book. I know of one that fits off hand: the Red Earth of Hon-Eel which combines Moon and Earth.

> As for the interplay between Moon and Storm, what would the runes of
Shargash/Jagrekriand be?

Shargash has no Moon connection (other than having destroyed Sedenya in the Gods War). He combines two rather unusual runes: the Destruction Rune and the Alkoth Rune (which is a portal to both the Sky and to Hell). But Shargash is an usual deity to say the least.

> Whilst we are on the subject of borderline elemental runes, what are
the status of runes that represent part of an element (first printed in Cults of Terror iirc): Light, Heat, Shadow and Cold.  

Sub-Runes have no significant role in the HQ2 rules. Many gods have only a limited access to a particular rune (for example Humakt's ability to access the Truth Rune is limited to oaths - he is not a knowledge god). Those limited subsets of Runes can be represented as sub-runes, but generally won't be in the HQ2 rules.


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