Re: An Observation About Yinkin

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_QoOkVzSQ1A78ukmmdzePxAVu9eDNIfL8pTvPsxZUDZRA_BX5hB77x73610bzmY-iurR1>
Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2008 14:56:50 -0000

> The difficulty with that is a clan member hunting on a neighbouring
> clan's tula. Unless there's some agreement to do so you're likely
> to provoke a feud.
> The assumption that clan tulas are always widely separated is
> wrong. Particularly in areas of better farmland, such as river
> valleys, adjacent clans will be a few miles apart. In some cases
> I understand the tulas actually overlap.

This is right. The clearly defined clan lands typically consist of the fields and settlements of the clan. Clans will claim pastures, meadows, woods and other such locations, but these claims are often contested or shared. Claim to pasture lands are normally much more strongly contested than woodlands and many feuds have been started by such competing claims.


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