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Thanks for your responses Donald, you may have already given some answers to things I just asked more clearly in the original thread.

 2008/12/16 <>
> The Bloodstorm Bandwa in Champions of the Reaching Moon gives some
> ideas. I'd expect Tarsh to have produced a Lunar immortal leader
> of some sort by now. Most cultures incorporated into the empire
> have done so although it's a bit early for the Sartarites. Either
> Tarsh has done so but the cult hasn't been published or for some
> reason no Tarshite has achieved Lunar immortality

 I'm really enjoying the Bloodstorm Bandwa stuff, although I am trying to work out exactly who the chieftain worships now. I sort of imagined Dorburdun - but Dorburdun doesn't have any leadership magic. Perhaps Melkolfus is getting by with Natha's socially-relevant Balancer feats?

 Are there any ideas about who, or at least what sort, of Tarshite immortal might fit the bill? The Darjiini have their Red Manimat so I would expect a Tarshite cultural leadership immortal as well - especially since Tarsh wasn't crunched by the Conquering Daughter.

 > I would suggest that a Holayan priestess would try to change the
> rings to Earth rings. That's closest to what she knows and within
> the Sartarite's experience. A Tarshite would probably place a
> follower of Alakoring Dar in Orlanth's position. While a Lunar
> missionary would see no problems with a Seven Mothers follower
> taking the position.

Our Holayan is certainly going that way - but the rest of the band might not want to make another matriarchal colony and may not give their support!

 Would the Seven Mothers' follower have the magical sleights to do well in this role? Or is it reasonable to imagine some Lunar mythological taskforce trying to find a local Red Manimat-equivalent to usurp the role of Orlanth Dar more effectively?

> >Third, how closely linked to Orlanth is the figure of Sartar? Would
> >Lunars try and co-opt him in some way? Could they?
> They do this through Temertain, not entirely successfully.

 Is this because Temertain is a bit of a wuss, or because their methods are flawed. Is it the lineage, the connection to Orlanth, or just the measure of the man that is paramount in this. I'm wondering if my group attempting to find a new, Red Sartar*, might work.

(* When I read this, I just see an image of that Soviet Superman that DC did... anyone else getting this too?)


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