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In message <> "John Machin" writes:

> I'm really enjoying the Bloodstorm Bandwa stuff, although I am trying to
>work out exactly who the chieftain worships now. I sort of imagined
>Dorburdun - but Dorburdun doesn't have any leadership magic. Perhaps
>Melkolfus is getting by with Natha's socially-relevant Balancer feats?

He's described as Warlord so I'd suggest Yanafal Tarnils. That's a major change in style of leadership for the Orlanthi although they do tend to expect a fighting leader.

> Are there any ideas about who, or at least what sort, of Tarshite
>immortal might fit the bill? The Darjiini have their Red Manimat so
>I would expect a Tarshite cultural leadership immortal as well -
>especially since Tarsh wasn't crunched by the Conquering Daughter.

I had in mind someone like Chaghatishi Moon Bow. There's a suggestion in Tarsh in Flames that King Moirades is more than human and either mad or illuminated. So he is a possibility. Bear in mind that the Darjiini have been part of the Empire for centuries so they have had time to establish an immortal. Tarsh wasn't conquered until 1490.

> > I would suggest that a Holayan priestess would try to change the
>> rings to Earth rings. That's closest to what she knows and within
>> the Sartarite's experience. A Tarshite would probably place a
>> follower of Alakoring Dar in Orlanth's position. While a Lunar
>> missionary would see no problems with a Seven Mothers follower
>> taking the position.
>Our Holayan is certainly going that way - but the rest of the band
>might not want to make another matriarchal colony and may not give
>their support!

Well Sartarite clans are neither matriarchal or patriarchal because the ruling body is the ring not the chief. And all rings have both men and women on them. Nor are any positions absolutely one gender or the other although clans will have their traditions which may be different from the clan over the hill. Of course Lunars may not realise this.

> Would the Seven Mothers' follower have the magical sleights to do
>well in this role?

Depends on the individual and what magic and abilities they have. There's no one right set of magic to rule a clan. What's needed depends on the regular myths that the clan performs and the magic of other members of the clan ring. I agree with Jeff that a clan which adopts a different style of leader will be weaker until they have learnt to modify their myths to reflect those changes.

>Or is it reasonable to imagine some Lunar
>mythological taskforce trying to find a local Red Manimat-equivalent
>to usurp the role of Orlanth Dar more effectively?

In the long term yes. However that's several decades work and the Lunar occupation lasts less than 25 years.

>> >Third, how closely linked to Orlanth is the figure of Sartar? Would
>> >Lunars try and co-opt him in some way? Could they?
>> They do this through Temertain, not entirely successfully.
> Is this because Temertain is a bit of a wuss, or because their
>methods are flawed. Is it the lineage, the connection to Orlanth,
>or just the measure of the man that is paramount in this.

Well the method worked in Tarsh. Estel Donge is merely copying Hon-Eel's approach. But she fails to get an heir so can't get rid of Temertain. You guess is as good as mine why it didn't work.

>I'm wondering if my group attempting to find a new, Red Sartar*,
>might work.

It might, equally it might not. Of course the Lunar policy of killing off most of Sartar's heirs doesn't help.

Donald Oddy


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