Re: Lunarised Sartarites and Lunarised Tarshites

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_Y9RaBXtrHWhnw9sXava2IU1Oe_4g6G3NqEetxHpfDuPiOyBdTANRyIZSItVZzA7cDOgE>
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2008 20:32:42 -0000

> > I had in mind someone like Chaghatishi Moon Bow. There's a suggestion
> > in Tarsh in Flames that King Moirades is more than human and either
> > mad or illuminated. So he is a possibility.
> Personally I believe that Moirades is Occluded. But definitely
> planning to be Tarsh's' immortal.

His father and great-grandmother are quite the acts to follow - certainly Hon-Eel is worshiped as the patron of the Tarshite kings.


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