Re: Lunarised Sartarites and Lunarised Tarshites

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Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2008 08:54:05 +1100

Thanks again everyone, especially Donald and Jeff; lots more food for thought for me (and some ideas for my intrepid band of Lunar cultural engineers...).

2008/12/16 <>:
> He's described as Warlord so I'd suggest Yanafal Tarnils. That's a
> major change in style of leadership for the Orlanthi although they
> do tend to expect a fighting leader.

Makes a lot of sense given the proclivities of their advisor, and the clans role as a barbarian allies to the Army.

> In the long term yes. However that's several decades work and the
> Lunar occupation lasts less than 25 years.

My Glorantha Will Vary, I think.

> Well the method worked in Tarsh. Estel Donge is merely copying
> Hon-Eel's approach. But she fails to get an heir so can't get
> rid of Temertain. You guess is as good as mine why it didn't
> work.

It's going to show my inexperience with the matter, but I hadn't even heard of Estal Donge until very recently. I think I can come up with some reason why it didn't work (and perhaps a way to make something like it work...). That or we'll see about an "anti-Kallyr".

> It might, equally it might not. Of course the Lunar policy of
> killing off most of Sartar's heirs doesn't help.

What a lack of foresight! It must be all these Solar jerks in charge of the occupation that are responsible! ;)

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