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I'm using the Unholy Trio (UT) as a theme in my campaign (and, actually, other unrelated scenarios); their acts are always portrayed as particularly disgusting - so I worry that what looks like an interesting idea (to play the bad guys) will turn out to be a bit disturbing. My feeling is that RPG PCs should be sympathetic characters - that properly evil ones (chaos) could lead to some pretty unhealthy sessions. Maybe that's just me, it may be an interesting topic for debate that could be considered on topic in this forum (because of the two sides of Glorantha: law/chaos).

That said: to respond to the Malia HQ question... The creation of the devil is one HQ. As for unofficial ideas: the heroes in my campaign heroquested as support to an Amprefesne (see Storm Tribe, she's the goddess who uses angelic beings to defeat disease) Devotee to defeat powerful Maliants who had rebirthed an ancient Dara Happan disease and let it loose in the Far Place (killing the Duke's daughter and infecting one of the heroes). I am supposed to be writing up this quest so I'll send you a copy if you like?

The bad guys (a new UT) in my campaign are trying to make a 'new devil' and they are going about it in a pretty disgusting way. Sorry I can't publicly share details - the players might get wind.

As to whether Wakboth killed his dad, well I think that was one of the main aspects of that story but we all know that different societies have different stories for the same events. Look at the Gospels, for instance.


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