Disease questions

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Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2008 16:13:18 -0000

A few questions about disease in Glorantha.

I do know of the RQ era disease spirits, most with cool and magical sounding names. But do Gloranthans also get diseases that we would recognize? Do kids get chicken pox, do people die of tumors, and do colds get passed around in packed long houses during Dark season? Are there wealthy merchants with gout, lunar explorers of the north getting scurvy, and Teshnans languorous from malaria? Or are the diseases mostly more magical and exotic?

Also, while I'm sure Gloranthans attribute almost all maladies to magic of some sort or other, in game terms are all sicknesses because of some spirit, essence, or daimone? Or are some of them more `mixed-world' in nature?

Clearly the powerful healing cults can heal almost any malady with magic, but not everyone has access to the most powerful healing magic.  For those who have to make due with lesser healing, I imagine that who you need might depend on the nature of the illness. A shaman could probably force a disease spirit to reveal itself, and then fight it (a practitioner, I think, would have trouble getting it to come out and fight?). But a shaman would presumably have a much harder time with an essential or daimonic illness. If there are mixed world illnesses, are any of the more advanced magic, short of the Challana Arroy level of healing, of much use? Or would it require some combination of common magic and mundane treatments? Or would the usual solution just be to try and magically bolster the person's health so that they can more easily recover on their own?

Thanks in advance for any thoughts on these.            

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