Re: Heroquests for the Unholy Trio

From: pentallion <pentallion_at_VR5r9PcehHYVHOO0KZ2uGSCif1Ul5eRHLqwK-BZTsezR_I5xlfbm6r_v-jiDtehzH>
Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2008 07:15:46 -0000

> So to me, insisting that Malia must have a path to herodom
> is placing too great a weight on an obscure triviality and risks
> distorting everything else known about her.
> --Peter Metcalfe

I'm going to have to assume you didn't read the first post in this thread, in which I explained that we had just completed an entire campaign up to the end of the world in which Muriah filled the role of Thed, not Malia, a God Learner pushed the whole Ragnaglar, Unholy Trio myth, etc. and brought about the return of Wakboth during the heroes Lightbringer Quest to bring back Sheng Seleris (Sheng ultimately being Wakboth).

The reason for this discussion was because now my playgroup wants to play the it again this time from the Unholy Trios point of view, so I came here for help to find myths that would assist in building HQ's to get that done.

Sorry if you didn't understand what I'm trying to do here.            

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