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>However during a "Duel of Thed" I could imagine
>one faction of Broo trying to steal a march on
>a rival faction by Heroquesting, or by trying
>to sabotage the other faction as it tried to
>Heroquest in order to steal a march on them.
>(Indeed they may well be too preoccupied with
>the latter to get very far with the former, but
>it's the thought that counts ...

The major problem I have here is the word "heroquesting". Taking the example of
the River of Cradles, you have 1500 broos, a third of whom live in the Big Rubble.
In the Rubble there is Highhowler, four other captains and about forty other named Broos who are the local scum-de-scum. A faction fighting the duel of Thed would consist of one of these captains, ten or so named broos and ninety-odd other broos. Does this sound like something that can heroquest? The average Orlanthi clan by way of comparison numbers between 500 and 2000 souls and their heroquests are backed by the whole clan.

I think for the most part the broos are too weak to heroquest. Highhowler has the numbers and dominance to have adequate support but he has to gather the broos together in one place and that's going to bring every Storm Bully for miles around.

>Harking back to Cults of Terror again, is there
>not at least one Chaotic (anti-?)Hero
> who did establish quite a significant nasty
> little cult after he had gone -- Treack
>Markhor, who founded the Atyar sub-cult of Thanatar.

Except that the skull of Atyar is a colossal skull in the wastes. Treack didn't found the cult but was instrumental in exporting the cult to the west.

--Peter Metcalfe            

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