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>If you turn to the Orlanthi/Malkioni/name your cult myths of how
>THEY survived those times, the Theddites and Malians are always the
>bad guys and losers. But we know that's not true, since they , too,
>earned their places in the world.
>So there must be Malian myths and Theddic myths wherein those Gods
>had their little victories, enough to secure their places. Anyone
>know of any or have good ideas of what these would be?

For Malians I think the myths involve being where the healer heros aren't. How they stay one or two steps in front of the various White Ladies. Getting them to exhaust their magic healing people so they can't effectively confront the Malian themself. IMG priestesses of Chalana Arroy are at least as much involved in destroying sources of disease as actual healing. And they are not hesitant to call on other lightbringers for aid in that task.

The big Theddic myth is the one which allows them to impregnate males. And the associated one of impregnating other creatures. Probably initially goats but there are variations of the myth for other creatures.

The inability of chaotic creatures to form permanent communities will certainly hamper their ability to HQ but that's why most are animist cultures relying on shamans who pass their knowledge onto their pupils. Like all communities the most important are those which are regularly re-enacted and the knowledge of those will only be lost when all their shamans are killed.

Donald Oddy


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