Re: The Unholy Trio: Rephrasing the Question

From: Jeff Richard <richaje_at_0s3Sv8ZHPLU363LySDittof-1kYfcRp9dmJxiT40ET6kGxm6gGklQBdymcq-lKf8y4QK>
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2008 09:00:52 -0000

> In general, the forces of chaos tend to NOT have individuality that is
> typical for the HeroQuest. This makes it difficult for any kind of
> identification for a HeroQuest to occur.
> In a very real sense, the world of Glorantha exists because of its own
> self-identification. Chaos destroys that--it is anti-self, as it
were. And
> so it has very little personality.
> Generally, the forces which can be identified as chaos forces were once
> human, or other identifiable entities that work to erase themselves,
> kin and the world.

As a follow up to this - not all powerful Gloranthan magic is based on heroquests. There is plenty of objectively evil wizardry, pacts with evil demons, and worship of evil things. We have powerful evil beings whose power comes (at least in part) from being demonized by others, by fulfilling the "need" that people have for an Evil Other. Other powerful evil beings demand worship and sacrifice of magic, even though they can provide nothing in return (except a tacit agreement not to kill you).


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