Lunar sorcery and Lunar nodes

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Date: Wed, 24 Dec 2008 09:19:33 +1100

Hi all,

First a caveat: I suspect that this may be resolved conclusively in eagerly-awaited forth-coming publications but I thought I would ask anyway.

And now on to the questions:
1. Does all Lunar sorcery (including formularies provided by the denominations of immortals with 'mixed magical systems') connect to a node of some sort on the Moon?
2. Do all of the 'Moon nodes' connect to the Essence Planes (in the same way that Jakaleel has a 'backdoor' to the Spirit World)? 3. If a sorcerer learns a grimoire from a Lunar sorcery school is that
"misapplied worship"?

4. Can a sorcerer who is concentrated on the Essence Planes learn and make use of Lunar sorcery?

I notice that some of the sorcery school denominations in ILH2:UtRM specify that they have connections to nodes on the Moon and to nodes on the Essence Planes (usually the Saint Plane). I had wondered if some of the other sorcery school denominations (Spindle Hag, Eyzaal, etc) also had these connections. It occurred to me that this sort of connection might have been too obvious to specify in each entry.

I ask this because I am curious about the Sapphire Ring's ability to pinch the grimoires of Lunar sorcerers. I'd like them to be able to be bribed by (or to be motivated to theft from) people with access to unusual Lunar sorcery but I'm just not sure if they are wired the right way.


John Machin

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