RE: A new RW inspiration for zzaburi : Druids !

From: hcarteau_at_tBvE2rTQBeIkGhNRJDNLOczyAYPzq2nZqtUZVQCNjk0-9JJTt_3VYHp0eHiDw1yIfhd
Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 19:01:00 +0100 (CET)

> One of my Christmas present is a book simply called "Les Gaulois" ("Gauls"), by french archeologist Jean-Louis Brunaux.

Sounds like a reprint of his 2005 'Les Gaulois' published by Les Belles Lettres. /// Indeed it is - I checked the internet later about this writer.

About the only material artefact that may be related to the druids is the Coligny calendar
/// Also true, I suspect some of the author's notes are more opinions than facts (he's anthropologist, not an archeologist as I thought). Still makes for good reading though.

I'd be wary trying to project druids onto any Gloranthan template, not least because their nature varies according to what sources and writers you use: anything from wise philosophers to priests conducting human sacrifices. /// But it is the same for every RW inspiration we inject, however partly, in our Glorantha(s). I won't be any more "wary" using druidic analogies than viking, or summerian, or whatever else under the sun. It's all a game and I try to build the most compelling, seductive background for the players and I !            

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