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> I would like to play a follower of Daxdarius

Pelorian magic is a little different from Heortling magic. There is a greater emphasis on communal magic (I believe Greg has said this) and what used to be called "common magic". The God-Learner inspired emphasis on runes is not appropriate (the term "rune" appears nowhere in the Entekosiad, and means only "glyph" in The Glorious ReAscent of Yelm). The Pelandans are noteworthy for their lack of imperial ambition and success; they have been subjects for centuries. Daxdarius is a minor deity for the Pelandans.

This suggests that a Daxdarius cult should provide only weak magic when treated as an isolated cult. No more than one "rune" worth, which would have to be Death. In my game I've restricted him further.

FWIW, here is the description of his cult from my Pelanda campaign:


Daxdarius was the first man to equip his men with bronze armour, from the Dwarf slaves of Third-Eye Blue, and the first to drill men as hoplites. His army defeated the Andams Horde. After that victory his empire spread over Wendaria, and He was apotheosized as the Hoplite God. Daxdarius is the widely used, Dara Happan, name of the Hoplite God. In Pelanda he is also called Daakdaranos.


Daxdarius is a Low God of The Jerontian Way. Priests of Daxdarius must own hoplite arms and armour.

The Pelandans are a gentle people, who tend to disapprove of warfare, soldiers and the Daxdarius cult. The Carmanians monitor His cult, cautious of the danger of armed peasants. They allow it, provided it supports the garrisons of the cities and submits to close scrutiny. The Carmanians find the cult useful for ensuring the quality of the Pelandan infantry garrisons.

Communal Magic and Heroquests

The Daxdarius cult of a city-state normally uses His magic to ensure the effectiveness of the hoplites of the state. On those rare occasions when the state goes to war, it conducts great ceremonies to bring victory.

The Daxdarius cult knows heroquests that begin at Daxdarius' Barracks in The Holy Ket. His cult knows heroquests that can make hoplite panoply extraordinarily effective.

Personal Magic

Daxdarius provides Hoplite affinity magic, for hoplite combat and warfare. Magicians have been know to use the Hoplite affinity to do the following: pierce with a spear, destroy a shield, thrust through a phalanx, cause a phalanx to break and flee in terror. Magicians who use the Hoplite affinity are brave and disciplined.

Sample Abilities and Flaws

Friend of the Third-Eye Blue Dwarfs (contacts), Hoplite Affinity (magic keyword), Hoplite Combat, Must Drill as a Hoplite (flaw)

The Hoplite Affinity is a specialisation of the Death Affinity, which is incompatible with the Life Affinity. Priests of Daxdarius may not have the Life or Disorder affinities. His Priests can use their Hoplite Affinity to perform extraordinary magic.            

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