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On 1/6/2012 6:23 AM, robin wrote:
> In The Entekosiad and Lunar Handbook I found some general information on him but not nothing about his worshippers. What would be appropriate keywords, abilities and feats? Does he actually have bear powers? Or are the War Bear and the General two different cults?
I've never found the description of Daxdarius as the War Bear to be all that convincing. To me, it's just stray padding that should have been ruthlessly culled in the editing process.

Death and Balance (not Harmony) seems to me the appropriate runes for Daxdarius.

There are three feats of Daxdarius.

  1. The killing of King Blue. Only tangentially referred to in the Entekosiad. I think the story about Urvairinus versus YarGan in the Glorious ReAscent is about him and that Urvarinus (like Argrath) ended up with the credit in Dara Happa. Worshippers performing this feat are protected against sharp weapons but must use blunt weapons and dismember their victims.
  2. The destruction of the Andam Horde. Gloriously retold in the Entekosiad. When fighting in battle, the worshippers must be wearing arms and armour made by the Third Eye Blue and their spear must be golden. They can step aside to avoid a charge. In battle, the worshippers are protected against enemy weapons, drive away foes that are not killed and can pursue a fleeing enemy for a day and a night.
  3. Joining the High Gods. This really just allows the worshipper to partake in Pelandan religious life as a follower of the High Gods and not a follower of a lesser god (like say Bisos). They would have access to general Jernotian magics and may also use some sorcery through Gurgo.

Daxdarius's worshippers are organized along military lines. I did have an idea about the local leader of the Daxdarius cult being known as the Successor (but Dynast would also work) as a Hellenistic quibble.

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