Re: Daxdarius player character

From: jorganos <joe_at_i5usHY3ApRqz_YmVGY6_C1UaqbMFii7khSr26ZgeQ-0zJoCuue5BcsGRKHhTwbdOG0VkUcE.>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:42:31 -0000

The other way to make an enemy while not violating military protocol is to have performed an order to the letter, possibly mitigating an atrocious command by collaborating exactly as far as the direct order went. This kind of conduct wouldn't make the character popular with either the victims of that military action nor with the commander who gave that order, but will leave the character's military conduct intact (which probably is very much in line with both cults).

Interesting recent operations could include overseeing and enforcing the dismemberment of the Sartarite tribes of the Dundealos (on the Praxian Marches, to boot) and the Kultain. Temporary assignment to the Lunar operations in Esrolia indicates involvement with Fazzur's plans for a Nochet temple of the Reaching Moon. Although the Lunar Army is an equal opportunity employer, I suspect the number of female officers is somewhat lower than that of males, so a short stint of propaganda service as female-led Lunar troops might be logical, especially if the asshole who gave those dubious orders was rather in the Assiday faction in the Provincial Army (which has a tradition of giving unnecessary and militarily dubious orders in Dragon Pass).            

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