Re: Daxdarius player character

From: robin <robin_mitra_at_K-Frsa0DeLTq1teQUJZR70-l4X0eulBXqbKQEwk5Or6aAn99a0PairZPjU_MzQNm>
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 14:35:30 -0000

I like that idea. Fits her profile well. She would go into certain death without hesitation to accomplish a mission, but she would not endanger the mission by following a stupid order.

Her rank was just an estimation. I don't know much about the Red Army's internal career structure. Is it reasonable to say that starting as a regular soldier she would be tetrarch after 20 years or so? How long is the basic military service in Pelanda? My character should be around 40-50 of age.            

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