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> My point exactly. In the ILH1 the Pelandan army is mentioned but of course not described
> in detail. For example I am not sure whether ten years service is common. Pelanda and
> Daxdarius seem to have 4 as their lucky number, hence I would assume basic military service
> would be either 8 or rather 16 years. And what rank would she hold after 24 years? I didn't
> want her to be too high in the hierarchy, so I thought she started as a soldier. Or do you think
> starting as a commissioned officer would be more appropriate? Would she have to be of
> noble blood to do so?

I don't think there is a Pelandan front (army) as such, just Pelandan regiments as Pelanda has been ruled by one power after another (Dara Happa, Carmenia, Lunar) for centuries. Using the Lunar title of Warlord for an army commander reflects this therotical organisation - no actual fronts exist.

I suggested following Dara Happan terms of service as the Dara Happans are the empire's administrators and also use hoplite phalanxes as the core of their forces. But eight or sixteen are certainly possible.

I would expect officer entry to be restricted to the nobility but that's just how I view the Lunar army. At the same time I think many daxdargos are Carmenians or Lunars so the career path for Pelandan nobles is pretty poor. In consequence few join which reinforces the image of Pelandans not being very good soldiers.

Lots of competent soldiers who join as rankers will not progress beyond motarxus even after 20+ years but tetrarch is certainly possible unless you see a very rigid split between the social classes in terms of ranks attainable. What makes the difference is being willing and able to handle the administration needed at that level.

This is really a YGWV area, so go with what makes the best story. I certainly see a ranker becoming tetrarch as plausable given the rest of the character you've described.

Donald Oddy


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