Re: No chaos in the West ?

From: Glass <glass_at_kNM4vc9f6quAt5AkcbdexBKu9ysbFJjN0Wusfgb_OI34d_dqNQCTBOhCb0kCEflxnsNHw->
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2012 22:10:28 -0000

> First, please not this is only speculation, a wild idea that crossed my mind, about which I ask your opinions.
> There is (almost) no reference to chaos, as the heortlings define it, in malkioni philosophy, mythology or history.

IMG we phrase it somewhat differently.

Wakboth is to Devil as Theya is to Malkion.

At a certain point in Time, the two mythologies were conflated and "Devil" became a title of Wakboth while "Wakboth" became another name for the Devil.

This had something to do with Arkat's conception of "chaos."            

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