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Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 23:42:09 +0000

It seems a long time ago that I posted an email on my building a set of Keith Nellist's board game Peloria, which you can find here in Issue 2 of Rule One --

with the FAQ here in Issue 3 I think --

Well we played it over four evenings (and several months - it is easy to write down the positions) , as we can only play for a few hours at a time, and I would estimate it took us about 6 to 8 hours, but then it was the first time we played, and we did talk etc a lot. So it's along, but enjoyable game.

Our players were Hugh (Veshtargos, Theyalans, Carmanians, Balazarings); Tom (Hyalorings, Aldryami, Barbarians, EWF); DC (Alkothi, Pelandans, Digijelm, Soldiers) and very much last me (Hirenmador, Pelorians, Chaos, Praxians).

The final scores were Tom 315, DC 150, Hugh 146, CJ 121. Tom scored almost all his points in the second half of the game, having been massively behind for the first seven turns when he did not have much to do. His scoring reflected huge points for Elf woods, and being the Complete Emperor a lot with the EWF; though I was proud of holding Raibanth with Chaos on Turn 10. :)

Oddities - the Carmanians were wiped out in Turn 15, the Crimson Bat eating one unit in Bindle, there furthest east (!), there other unit dying attacking an Elf Wood. No one ever got elected Shah of Carmania, the EWF having just too many provinces for Pelanda to manage it. Pelanda was a major power through the whole game: I thought they would collapse after Turn 10 as the Carmanians steam-rollered across the board, but the Carmanian cavalry died throwing itself heroically to the EWF dragons, to little avail, and the Pelandans (and even my Pelorians) took pleasure in wiping out Carmanian cavalry units.

All the EWF Dragons died, the last one on the last turn. The Crimson Bat was killed by poxy Aldryami! It really is an egg shell armed with a hammer, and while six dice is nice, one hit kills it, and the -1 to attack fro being "Pelorian" means a dragon is better.

The Call to Heroes was odd - I won with only 4 units leaving, Tom and DC removing 3, and Hugh 2. None of us wanted to go fight the Dragonkill war it seems, and 20 vp for second place led to us all trying to bid low. Rather than retreat any EWF units Tom stuck around with them, saw off the Carmanians and firmly held Vonlanth and the imperial regalia til the end of the game.

Anyway lots of fun, very enjoyable -- do try it. One question for Keith -- on Turn 13 there is "peace" - but do you do a normal turn of combat and movement before the Call to Heroes, or do you skip everything and just replace it with the Call to Heroes? 

Next up: Fronela! :)

cj x

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