Re: Janube States Questions

From: Jeff <richaje_at_P6FFrLqvkEu-Gu8CUrW2jtS5-wC95RQKOLd_d9ltP6pkMnTCyV_t1wnYdaLkZitNpN-H>
Date: Sun, 22 Jan 2012 06:30:21 -0000

> > My question relates to characters from the Second Age, but given they
> > appear to be of historical significance the answers I seek may well be in
> > Third Age material. In Fronela for Mongoose RQ: Second Age we are
> > introduced to Queen Jonoura of Eastpoint, Earl Wulz a Middle See Empire
> > exile living in Eastpoint and also Earl Ernathus of Galastar. We learn that
> > Ernathus and Jonoura eventually marry, uniting their city state and
> > creating a new power. I wonder if anyone can tell me anything about the
> > importance or role of these three individuals beyond what is in the MRQ
> > Fronela book, as they have come to feature in my campaign quite a bit?

I doubt any of these three have any significance in the Third Age and possible are not even remembered anymore.

By 1621, Eastpoint is the center of the Arrolian colonies and worship the Red Goddess. Galastar was recently resettled by Orlanthi immigrants from Mortasar and they have no idea about the place's Secibd Age history.


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