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I can't remember the source (it may well be old and/or unofficial), but I think at least one commentator identified a further aspect to this: the items a man needs to be allowed to fully participate in clan affairs are more expensive/hard to find than those which a woman would need.  
Would this have the effect  of institutionalising a female majority at clan moots, etc. If so, would this have a moderating influence on clan/tribal politics? Or would it have no such effect as women would be at least as keen to goad their menfolk into machismo as the men would be to talk themselves into it?  
Richard Hayes

That is a fun story!

I recall reading somewhere about one of the dark age fyrd type requirements, where each man had to have a helmet and shield (I think) for defense, and a spear and an apple-wood club for weapons.  I always thought that nicely illustrated both the local agricultural practices (that everyone would have access to an apple-wood club), and how widely available _something_ that can be used as a weapon is.

Somehow I always figured that the Orlanthi would be fully aware of all those weapon options, and I'm sure some of their stories play on that fact, that someone with the will to defend himself is never truly without weapons.

(and somewhere in Sartar there is a clan with an apple-tree wyter that provides the "strengthen branch" blessing, helping trees endure rough weather but also fortifying the clan's back up weapons....)

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