Re: Cannibalism in Prax (was Bestiality in Prax?)

From: Chris Lemens <chrislemens_at_32d1RKUi15jpBTaVGbTyac379BxdQPXav1qE43qOWnwcOp-_jRfanjoG_kTjtEei>
Date: Wed, 22 Feb 2012 04:48:20 -0000

Simon Phipp says many things.


He also says one thing with which I quibble:

> The Cannibal Cult, Agimori, Basmoli Berserkers and Ostrich Riders are
> all Praxian tribes who are not part of the Survival Covenant. They have
> earned their place in Prax and nobody wants to get rid of them.

I would say that all but the Cannibal Cult are tolerated because they act nearly appropriately and they are useful. A Khan is not going to turn away an agimori clan that wants to travel with them. Sure, they're really outlanders, but they have been here so longz that they don't realy act like it. But I think the cannibal cult is a little different. I can't imagine any khan wanting them along in the clan's travels. And they are pretty self sufficient. But a khan with an opportunity would probably prefer to attack them. Of course, if there were horse riders around, he would team up with the cannibals.


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