Re: Events after the raising of the Boat Planet?

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> We just completed the raising of the Boat Planet, from the last
> of the HQ1 supplements….and I haven't seen my copy of King of
> Sartar for quite some time (it may still be hiding around the house
> somewhere, but I'm beginning to despair….).

As a matter of interest, does anyone have any ideas about what effects the Boat Rise would have?

My Pavis/Praxian campaign will probably involve the River Voices playing a big part in the Boat Rise and I'm wondering what this would mean.

As the Boat Planet is captained by Dormal himself, does this make his cult easier to access? Dormal would no longer be a lost hero but one who is present.

Presumably the Boat Planet was knocked down when the Oceans were closed. When it is restored is the Closing affected in any way? Are the Seas permanently Opened, for example?

Do the events of the Giant's Cradle have anything to do with the later Boat Rise? Presumably, Argrath wouldn't have known a great deal about ships or boats, being a good Orlanthi. Then he goes on the Cradle, meets Harrek and a bit later embarks on a crazy mission to help a Sky Boat. It strikes me that something must have happened to give him the idea.

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