Re: The moon and the Telmori

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Date: Mon, 27 Feb 2012 22:45:56 +0100 (CET)

On 27/02/12 21:06, wrote:
> Telmori who supported gbajii the devil were cursed by Ascended Master Talor to revert to
> base beasts every wildday, for that is the day when bhodisavatta Talor cursed them at the
> end of the first age. It predates the blood moon's rise by over a thousand years.

Is there a canon source for this? (Not the date or event but the fact that it definitely the day that matters) /// Nope, no Canon. In fact I made it up as I wrote it. It seemed Logical, and I am very much in a malkioni frame of mind these days. Anyway I don't care much about any "Canon".

I understand it pure Telmori are just ordinary Hsunchen who transform themselves by magic. /// (subjective answer one)
Oh ye vile, accursed sorcerer. Telmori are beasts in mind and heart. They don't "transform themselves by magic" : they ARE wolves. Mothers give births to mixed litters of wolves and baby humans (at least in appearance). Some of these wolves have two legs and others four. But it's not magic they KNOW, as we malkioni practise : it's what they ARE. Beasts and heathens, all of them. (subjective answer two)
We are Children of Telmor, the Perfect Hunter. Some of us are born on four legs and others on two ; it does not matter and we are all brothers and sister wolves. Our Countless Ancestors help us become stronger, better wolves. We do not "transform" ourselves : we remain what we are, and use appropriate bodies.

But how does it work for the cursed? is the transformation separate to their Hsunchen magics (so on other days they could transform using magic without a degrading of their minds?) ("objective" answer) : keep it simple ! Their ancestors were cursed to shift to animal form on wilddays, so it's what happens. They can and will transform using Wolf Spirits on other days. I imagine some of their Quests are to break this curse and become Pure Animals again. Perhaps some of them do reach this goal, perhaps by killing a hrestoli knight and eating its heart ? Who knows ?            

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