Re: Sources used for future publications

From: Jeff <richaje_at_gU8JK4FpUcRuJZ96H5ODMaEuLj-VimjACA45QdeWLAmbF-Iuhyel_vUwEc9kcn3f9LWg>
Date: Tue, 28 Feb 2012 08:24:33 -0000

> > In contrast GRoY, FS, MSE, HHP, and Heortling Mythology (sorry for the abbreviations!) are deep background but not speculative and unlikely to be subject to much change.

> I'm presuming The Entekosiad is on that list as well?
Yes, as is the Annotated King of Sartar that we will be releasing later this year.

Greg and I are on similar pages regarding canon. YGWV. That being said, we are in the process of putting together the epic Guide to Glorantha, which is very much the definitive canonical presentation of Glorantha, and represents many years of work by Greg, myself, Nick Brooke, Eric Vanel, Colin Driver, David Scott, and many others. One goal of the Guide is to clear the decks as completely as we can so that a newcomer arrmed with that one book can have access to the most complete and comprehensive guide to Glorantha ever in existence.

For example, the chapters on the Lunar Empire, Dragon Pass, Holy Country, and Maniria contain information on *every* settlement of more than 1000 people. Now, other regions don't allow that level of detail (since, frex, Greg never did a map of Kralorela showing every small city) but still the amount of detail we've put together is staggering. Greg and I have learned a tremendous amount about Glorantha during our years of discussion on this (and still are) - and we hope to have this in your hands this year.

So to the extent I participate in Digest discussions, I try to let folk know what direction will be taken in the Guide.



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