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Date: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 12:55:09 +0000

On 13 Mar 2012, at 00:12, chris jensen romer wrote:

> I seem to recall that only one in seven Orlanthi initiates to any god or goddess but Ernalda and Orlanth

The easiest way to put it is that all Orlanthi are initiates of Orlanth (air, movement, mastery) and Ernalda (earth, life, harmony). However the Orlanthi "all" is 85%.

> - my group so far seems to have a Humakti, an Orlanth initiate, a female Issaries Lawspeaker (?!) and given her Disorder and Illusion runes, and someone who could well be an Eurmali though initiated to Donandar as she is a skald - can you have female skalds?

Yes, anything is possible, the Orlanthi are holders of the change rune. For example, if your player is not happy with Donander as a patron of female skalds, make up a hero cult for her.

> This seems wrong -- but then player characters are often exceptional. Any advice?

This all seems normal for HeroQuest in Glorantha to me. What you have is the traditional mix of everything in your group, your group is the remaining 15ish%. If you play King of Dragon Pass, you will see what should normally happen to adventuring groups like this.

> We have another player who may well be an Ernaldan or Orlanth initiate, but the choices do seem to fit the runes the players selected well.

There's always Barntar. What are the runes? I've had to deal with many weird combinations.

> Of course I can always read the subcults of Ernalda and Orlanth carefully and suggest other possible options - we don't start play till next week, and the characters might fir well with the saga anyway

Or as I mentioned earlier make up a Hero cult or ancestor cult that is local to just the Ormarth.

> especially the Humakti who stands mythically severed from the Orlmarthing clan and might well have a positive relationship with the Indrodar temple, and the Donandar skald can play the role of Eurmal in the underworld easily enough...

As long as one of the players can be Orlanth for the beginning, I wouldn't worry about the character mix.

I've just finished the campaign and as of Dark Season 1619, the Orlmath Clan will be no more...

The mix of characters I had was

Earth, Truth, Law = Lhankor Mhy initiate. Air, Movement, Spirit = Kolati shaman
Air, Movement, Mastery = Orlanth priest
Darkness, movement, Yinkin = Orlanth/Yinkin initiate Darkness, Death, Mastery = Orlanth initiate Earth, Stasis, Beast = Uralda initiate
Fire, Death, Luck = Gustbran/Humakt initiate Storm, Truth, Mastery = Orlanth initiate


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