Re: Troll illumination

From: boztakang <daniel.mccluskey_at_3ny4WyEa6hxPc-LEjDzaAabIKYH9lfOLVKctpxKjQ_SIqy6pZr0tdoyt-JE>
Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2012 19:27:29 -0000

Cave Trolls were created when Boztakang smashed Pocharngo, and its gore splattered all over his army, permanently mutating many of them and their offspring.

I do not immediately know the origin of Mountain trolls.

I have always believed that Sea Trolls were not chaos-tainted, but were just trolls who took to worshipping Robber instead of Kyger Litor during the long voyage to the surface, and made their home in the oceans instead of on land. If they actually are chaotic, i would be tempted to attribute it to the Bridge of Slime, when the devil attacked the spike.            

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