Re: The City of Wonders: an Investigation (Part 2)

From: Stewart <stu_stansfield_at__gMZW4abmFGQ3jHNhwYGOXYKdlYxCGWepJ6behzRlyEtZKbgwkhiwpkm0Arfq>
Date: Tue, 20 Mar 2012 13:19:48 -0000

Thanks for the thoughts, Joerg!

> Sartar was a hero for Issaries. I think he would have had a keen
> understanding on the requirements of trade, so if he builds a dead
> end highway towards the upper navigable point of the River, I
> expect him to situate the city in a way that it could contribute to
> the trade.

This touches upon a sauce of mild (okay, considerable) annoyance to myself. The pre-Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes abnegation of Duck Point as a wereduck settlement (i.e. this isn't aimed at Joerg, though I'm aware it might read that way - sorry!).

Obviously our little friends, with their Swim 80% and oldest published connection to the Water rune in Glorantha (read it and weep, Sea-monkey) wouldn't build a large settlement at the conjunction of their main arteries of trade, travel and life (the Stream and the Creek-Stream River).

No! That would be silly. The nexus of duck society will be a settlement in the arse-end of nowhere, with nary a sloppy bank in sight. (Retreat? Fine. But not main settlement.)

All this prejudice, and you don't even have the dignity to refer to ducks as a 'martial race'!

Gods know how they ever managed [very well, actually; Ironhoof's well cool - S.] before those Heortlings came along to show them how it was done!            

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