Re: The City of Wonders: an Investigation

From: Stewart <stu_stansfield_at_hp_Abu_TF4JcRCMNUlu8gBPP3kgX4uQOnKFOjhpX-TFDi9OhzIq8K8X6BPFte>
Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2012 11:27:24 -0000

Grrr. I'd typed this out, right up to the last reply, and Y!G had a moment. (I knew I should have written it in WordPad first.) Here we go again...

> One thing to consider is that the swamp may have moved.

Good point! I had looked at this briefly at the start - also with the idea of the Stream moving. (If you look at William Church's map in RQ2, there is an apparently Stream-side Duck Point several miles east of the confluence, for example.)

I hadn't given too much though to the Marsh receding, perhaps because I was unsure as to a mechanism - and was habituated to the idea of it slowly and perilously expanding on the ducks, inch by inch.


> The swamp may have receded (in fact, that could be a side effect of
> the road's magic)

That's a really interesting idea! Brilliant - I hadn't thought of that.

I like to play on the opposition of Movement and Stability re: Sartar and his descendents' roads. There's the occasional counterpoint of enduring dwarf-built artifice and the magic of movement and change, for example.

But mostly it's silly stories of duck bandits loading themselves up with Stability runes in a bid to overcome the roads' magic, and then struggling to make a quick getaway.

I also like to play on the issue of Stagnation with regard to the Marsh, and match allusions to this (Bad Stability!) against Kero Fin (Good Stability!) in some duckish folk-tales.

But I hadn't thought of putting two and two together and setting the Movement of the roads against the Stagnation of the Marsh! That's cool. Indeed, if you take a pair of compasses (always have them to hand!) and draw a northern arc about Stone Nest (and thus the terminus of the road on some maps), it rather fits, no?


> I think that while Sartar was aware of the necessities for trading,
> he did not take into account the durulz standards of housing.

Good stuff! Sadly, the only image I've drawn of a duck abode is a landlocked fort built high(ish!) above the ground. I really must draw a squidgy dwelling. (I also really must finish the fort. I think I promised it to Rory two and a half years ago!)

> There will certainly be some canals so that the reed boats can be
> brought next to the storage houses for transshipping, but that's not
> enough comfort for most durulz. Duck Point within the walls is a
> place for the human transshippers, not for the durulz boaters. These
> come to transfer their cargo, use the magical facilities provided by
> Sartar, then leave for their family homes in the marshes.

When I sent the initial formulation of this investigation privately, I did ponder if there was some 'bizarre, duckish Athens/Piraeus thing' going on with Stone Nest and Duck Point. After all, if Sartar and Jarolar both built walls... (Just kidding!)

> Why should anyone? Durulz are a marshial race.

Boom! Boom!

When I was trawling through dozens of early-18th-century English courts-martial (which can make unintentionally amusing reading), I was desperate to transfer the process to the ducks and try and make a pun like that -- i.e. Court-Marsh---- -- work.

Sadly I couldn't quite get it to my satisfaction. I could resurrect the idea and try that!


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